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michael kors crossbody gusset Namely, this one: If it’s legal for someone to put bunny ear antennae on his roof and watch TV for free, and it’s legal for him to record that fremichael kors hamilton luggage e TV onto a DVR (or an old school Sony Betamax VCR, for that matter) so he can watch it again later with friends, then does it matter, from a legal perspective, whether he actually owns that antennae, or that he is in possession of a physical DVR?The antennae farm across town and a “DVR” based in the cloud, Aereo argues, are legally no different from the old antenna and VCR.S. Clement, scoffed at the idea.,michael kors outlet mall san marcos tx Aereo captures free, over-the-air TV signals with thousands of small antennmichael kors hamilton luggage as that are rented to individual users, and it transmits that content to customers online for a small monthly fee—without paying broadcasters the so-called retransmission fees cable companies pay them to provide their channels to cable customers.” ABC’s lawyer, Paul D. They argue that by capturing copyrighted television programming and then transmitting it back to thousands, or tens of thousands, of users, Aereo is acting exactly like a cable company and should pay retransmission fees.michael kors bags saks fifth avenue

michael kors shoes for kids on sale Aereo—it’s actually justified. Where that data is not available, overall net cost (tuition and fees minus grants and scholarships) is used. A ruling is expected in the summer.,michael kors purses toronto (A detailed discussion of that method is available here.Clement urged the justices not to try not to “solve the problem of tmichael kors hamilton luggage he cloud once and for all” in this one case. If an individual downloads a video onto the cloud using a popular application, like Dropbox or iCloud, and then accesses it later and watches it on his computer, then does that also amount to, as Justice Elena Kagan asked, “public performance?” Both Aereo and ABC appeared to agree that an individual user of the cloud should not be required to pay royalties when he watches, say, an episode of The Sopranos that he has already purchased.michael kors hallie handbag

michael kors hamilton vanilla Update, May 6, 2014: Several more scmichael kors hamilton luggage hools were added to the dataset.S. Frederick insisted repeatedly Tuesday that the company does not “perform” anything; it is nothing more than an “equipment provider.,michael kors hamilton review Of course Aereo is “performing,” he said; to suggest otherwise “is just crazy.”The justices’ questioning returned repeatedly to the implications that any decision on this case will have for cloud computing as a whole.udents in each of the Department of Education’s reported income brackets.michael kors charm slingback sandal sale

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